IVF and ICSI procedures can be done in different situations and medical cases of the patients with the help of the latest technological achievements of Donation.

The Medical Center ADONIS Family ensures the highest quality choice of Donor material from our own base. Your infertility treatment will bring you only great happiness of parenthood.

Egg and Sperm Donation technology

Different situations and medical cases force new discoveries in treatments, and especially in the area of Reproductology.

Egg and Sperm Donation technology is made to give the real chance for the patients with severe fertility problems to be the parents.

Egg donation is a procedure in which a woman who wishes to become a mother resorts to the eggs of a female donor.

And on the contrary, Sperm donation is a procedure in which a man who wishes to have a child resorts to the sperm of a male donor.

It helps to achieve long-awaited pregnancy by transferring an embryo created with the help of the genetic material donor, which the ADONIS Family can provide for every patient who undergoes the Infertility Treatment Program.

ADONIS own Donor base

The technological basis of ADONIS clinics really amazes by its extent and quality. In one place we collected the latest achievements of medical help to ensure the best effectiveness and safety for our patients.

One of the most valuable services includes ADONIS ‘own Donor base.

The candidates for Egg and Sperm Donation go through the serious selection procedure, which include the following phases:

  • Information gathering

We gather information about the donors in different areas of life and health state. Availability of own healthy born children, age-appropriate frameworks, history case, genetic code and many others the tiniest things.

  • Examination and diagnosis

ADONIS ‘own technological laboratory provides the best examination process for the candidates for donation to indicate the health state of the person at the moment of diagnosis. Only totally healthy people can be added to the ADONIS own Donor base with genetic material.

  • Genetic material abstraction and processing

We collect the genetic material from the approved donors to prepare it for the immediate infertility treatment. The purification of the Egg and Sperm cells ensure the best safety for our patients and their procreation. The controlled surrounding and maintained temperature provide the best quality.

  • Genetic material usage

ADONIS Infertility Programs are well-developed for any cases and situations. There are no waiting lists, our own Donor base is full of the best quality genetic material to be involved into the treatment process immediately.

Donation affordability

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies has the best medical establishments which help numerous people all around the world.

We take care about the best comfort for our patients, and of course the best affordability of the treatment.

ADONIS Infertility Programs are ideally calculated and full of essential services (both medical and non-medical ones).

Sperm/Egg donation prices are not the exception – we ensure one of the lowest price formations on the market (especially in comparison with Sperm/Egg donation UK prices) without sacrificing the quality.

ADONIS Medical Group of Companies – we give you the highest level medical treatment in one place and at our own technological basis. Visit our clinics and see on your own eyes the service of the future.

We are waiting for you!

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