One of the most heinous facts that can make your heart stop beating at the very mention of it is SIDS – sudden infant death syndrome. SIDS refers to situations when perfectly healthy babies aged between zero to six months are found dead where the reason cannot be attributed to any accident or illness.

Most of the cases of SIDS happen during the sleep. The reason behind these deaths is rarely identified. However, a number of factors can be attributed to such incidents, one of which is related to sleeping. Hence, how your baby sleeps is extremely important. And needless to say, that the only way to make sure that the baby has a safe and sound sleep is to choose the perfect bedding that supports their tender bodies.

The Reasons behind SIDS

The duration from birth to one year of age is called the critical development period. There are many reasons that may lead to SIDS at this stage among which vulnerability is one of the main concerns. Premature and underweight babies stand a strong chance for being susceptible to sudden deaths. The other reason is if the mother has been smoking during pregnancy or they are exposed to passive smoking right after their birth.

The impact of smoking on infants can be devastating to the extent that they may develop brain dysfunction and respiratory anomalies that may cause sudden deaths among infants. There are a lot of people who may argue at this point but as the present day parents we just cannot take any kind of risk with our little ones.

How to choose the right Bedding Accessories for Babies

When a baby is born, the developing muscles and bones of their bodies need proper support. Also, it is said that the more they sleep the faster they grow at this stage. Hence arranging a proper bedding to support their early developmental day is of paramount importance. Buy baby bedding products in UK with a lot of precision and care. In many instances, babies have been found to have chocked themselves with bedding accessories that are kept on their cots, bassinets and beds. It is also recommended to avoid co-sleeping as you run the risk of harming the baby. It is also advised to make the babies sleep on their back rather than on their tummy or on their sides.

Planning the bedding for babies need a lot of precision than that for the adults. Choosing the right kind of mattresses, pillows to be placed under their heads as well as by their sides to support and protect them. Then the covers play a very important role. There are many incidents where the baby had mistakenly placed something on their nose, thereby affecting the natural respirator function which led to the death. Hence, make sure, not to place anything loose on the baby’s bed. The covers and quilts should be wrapped properly, so that the babies are not able to open then during the sleeping hours. Baby Crib bedding suppliers have a plenty of options for choosing the right bedding accessories for infants.

At The End

The first few months of their lives are very crucial for babies. The entire support system around them plays an important role in helping them to achieve proper growth. Till six months of age, babies are just lying down. Hence, beddings and bedding accessories play a crucial role in their safety as well support. Make sure to choose the right bedding for your baby that is sturdy as well as comfortable for them.

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