Have you ever wondered if babies can start teething at three months of age? Yes, babies can get teeth in their early months. It is completely natural. And of course, they get pain in due course of the teething process. The breastfeeding babies get relief when they bite their mom’s breasts. It is very soothing for a baby, but what about moms? They really have to go through the pain of babies teething and bite for soothing the pain.

Are moms the real victims?

Yes, the biting while breastfeeding is really painful for moms. Usually, the nipping will be very quick and not easy to predict. Hence it can come as a surprise and sudden, obviously very painful. The new teeth of the baby will be very sharp to penetrate through the gums. Therefore mom can easily get sore nipple due to constant biting.

Also, the baby tends to change the usual latching position of breastfeeding while they deal with the pain. This makes breastfeeding uncomfortable for both mom and baby.

Are there any tricks to avoid biting?

  • One of the best ways to avoid biting nipples is to change the latching position of breastfeeding. The position should be in such a way that the tongue is above the lower teeth or gum. With a wide-open mouth, a baby can’t bite the nipple. Mom can try different latching positions if the nipple is sore due to constant biting.
  • Moms can try safe soothers for the baby before breastfeeding so that babies will avoid biting the nipples to soothe the pain.
  • For constant biting and irritations, moms can consider consulting the pediatrician and get a prescribed pain reliever for the baby teething pain.
  • It is advised to avoid any topical medication for the nipple biting as it can affect the feeding and baby. It is always safe to consult the pediatrician if you want to use topical medicines.
  • Giving your full attention also can avoid baby biting the nipples. Getting the complete concentration of the baby towards you and feeding would avoid the temptation of the baby biting nipple.
  • Last but not least, when the baby is full, he tends to attend his pain soothing and subsequently bite the nipple. Hence it is better to watch carefully when the baby is full and stop overfeeding.

Every mom knows that breastfeeding is always the best way to soothe the baby when in pain or irritation. Even for the teething pain, frequent feeding can relieve the pain and make the baby calm. For nipple biting, moms can try the tricks mentioned above. As a precautionary note, always consider the safety of the baby while you think various options to take care of your well-being and pain.

Motherhood is wonderful and, at the same time, the toughest journey. Giving birth and raising a child is not something that can be measured or judged with any parameter in the world.

Cherish every moment of your divine journey.

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