The rainy season is not a prison sentence for parents with babies. Even though the season, you can still take your baby for a walk outdoors while running errands.

Walking out in the rain presents no harm to your baby. Instead, babies find watching the rain and listening to the sound of it very fascinating. All you have to do is carry out, and your baby would be set to take walks in the rain with you.

When planning to go out with your baby in spring, the first step is to ensure you check out weather reports. If there are news forecasts of a thunderstorm or strong wind, it is best to stay indoors.

  • Keep your baby dry

An umbrella might not be sufficient enough to keep your baby dry in the rain – even if it’s a very big umbrella. When taking your baby out in the rain, make use of a stroller with a rain guard. This helps prevent your baby from getting soaked by the rain. For parents who carry their babies in front carriers, an umbrella can be appropriate but in this case, ensure your baby has childrens waterproof clothing on. You can also put on a big waterproof jacket which can house both you and your baby. Some other good options for baby clothing suitable for really cold weather can be found at Bitsy Bug Boutique.

  • Keep your baby warm

Just like adults, babies stand a chance of getting cold when it rains. When taking your child out, ensure you dress him/her in long sleeve outfits, caps, socks and long pants. For the inner layer, cotton clothes are fine, and for the outer layer, a waterproof jacket is necessary. Ensure you have a blanket with you when taking your baby out in a stroller or car seat for the gaps between baby clothing apparel. You can also take extra clothes along with you in case your baby gets wet.

  • Let your baby enjoy the rain

You can make the rainy weather memorable for your little baby. When you get outside, tell your baby what you see while the weather boosts his/her senses. You can sing to her while you take your walk and splash in the puddles.

  • Don’t stay out too long

Despite how nice the rainy weather is, it is not advisable for you to stay out in the rain with your baby for too long. Also apart from weather reports pay attention because a light shower can switch up to heavy rain at any time. At the first sound of thunder, head inside with your baby. If you are unable to get to a building in a heavy storm, stay away from high grounds, isolated trees, and metal objects. Also, avoid running as you can slip and fall. The moment you get back indoors, change both yourself and your baby out of wet or cool clothes.

With these tips above you don’t have to panic about moving around with your baby when the rainy season approaches.



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