Early childhood education is an important part of helping your child begin their learning journey, preparing them for school and success. At childcare, children can discover new concepts and develop a love of learning.

But for some children, the transition to childcare can be challenging. At childcare, children are faced with many changes, and it can take time to settle into new routines.

If you’re wondering whether your child is settling in at childcare, here are 5 signs to look for.

  1. Your child looks forward to childcare.

Does your child look forward to each day at their childcare centre? If so, this is a good sign that they are settling in well and feeling confident in their environment.

Notice how your child responds at childcare drop-off and pick-up times. Pay attention to see whether they seem to be viewing their centre with a positive outlook.

If your child looks forward to attending childcare, they may even be more likely to view education positively in the future.

  1. Your child talks happily about their time at childcare.

Does your child talk positively about their childcare centre? This is a great sign that their early education journey is going well!

Listen to your child speak about childcare, and ask them questions to prompt responses. Ask your child what they are learning, who their friends are, and whether they are enjoying their time at childcare.

Encouraging positive communication can support your child to settle in and to improve learning.

  1. Your child is confident when you leave them at childcare.

How does your child respond when you leave them at childcare? If they are happy and confident, this is a great sign that they are settling in.

Take note of whether your child appears happy or anxious when you leave them at centre drop-off time. Compare how your child’s confidence in their centre environment has improved since their first day at childcare.

When your child is confident at their centre, they are better able to develop independence and social skills.

  1. Your childcare is happy to see their peers and educators.

Is your child happy to see their friends at childcare? If so, it is likely that your child is beginning to feel more confident and included as part of their centre community.

Talk to your child regularly about their friends and childcare educators, and notice whether they seem happy to spend more time with their friends at childcare. As your child makes friends, they will become more and more confident in their centre environment.

Your child’s inclusion in a childcare centre community can offer many benefits for social and emotional learning.

  1. Your child is engaged in learning activities.

Is your child engaging with learning activities? If your child is happy to participate in educational programs, it is likely that they are adjusting well to their centre.

Ask your child’s educators how they are engaging with learning programs and activities. Also remember to ask your child what they are learning at their childcare centre.

When your child is engaged in activities at childcare, they are more likely to enjoy their days at their centre, and they are more likely to benefit from improved learning opportunities.



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