A huge chunk of our lives is spent in school. For about two decades, our minds are guided by many teachers and nurtured by books. There is no doubt that these years have contributed greatly to the kind of person you are today. When you become a parent, this will be one of your biggest decisions. You will look long and hard searching for a good elementary school and, eventually, a competitive high school in Salt Lake City where you want to enroll your child. This is a very serious matter because this will be the place where your child will spend most of their days. Their teachers will be their second parents, and they can form brotherly or sisterly bonds with their classmates.

Your school years are some of the best you could have in your life. If you sit back and think about it, a lot of your formative years happened in school.


You start going to preschool right after you have mastered the art of walking and muttering gibberish. This is where you start learning to count and read and find out that there are other children like you. The amazing combination of cookies, milk, and playtime makes this part of your life as probably the most fun and carefree. This is also where you start to learn how to be prim and proper. You dress up in your uniform and shiny shoes, and you never fail to greet your teacher.

Primary School

The elementary years have given you a great foundation of basic knowledge. In primary school, you learn more complex words and perform fundamental math operations. Addition and subtraction are a walk in the park, while multiplication and division provide a nice challenge. Things will heat up leading up to the eighth grade, where you should know how to solve complex problems. You also have a better understanding of the world now, thanks to science.

As a kid, you are full of energy. You need an output, and thankfully you have several sports that you can choose to be good at. Or you can just spend after-school hours in the playground with your friends. It’s a good time to spend before going home.

Secondary School

At this point, you can consider yourself an educated person, but there is still much to learn. You start to read classic short stories and novels, which fuels how you comprehend things and also inspires you to form an opinion. Science and math are more complex than ever. Algebra and calculus could stump you, while chemistry could drive you crazy.

This is the age where you can start to feel on top of the world. You feel that you can do anything. That is all fine and dandy, as long as you are responsible and do not affect other people negatively. A lot of long-time friendships have been forged here. You probably have crazy and embarrassing moments about high school that you just laugh about today.

College is a part of life where you can use all of those years of learning. This is the time when you start to have an idea of where you want to be in life. The journey is not over yet. There’s still a long road ahead of you, and many more lessons to learn.

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