People are often unaware of how much they’re being exposed to harmful chemicals and pollutants in their daily lives. Many also aren’t aware of how much of these pollutants are actually inside their home. But air quality in homes could lead to many issues for you and your family that may only start showing up after years of exposure.

Thankfully, once you know where these toxins come from and take definite steps to improve your home’s air quality, you’ll be able to reduce the chances of complications. Here are a few little-known sources of toxins in your home and how to eliminate them.


A lot of people can’t live without fragrances, but they can be much more harmful than we may think. Did you know that some perfumes could actually be carcinogenic? You may not know this, but many fragrances contain a substance called styrene, which is known for being a carcinogen.

What’s worse is that the majority of manufacturers won’t even show what’s in their perfumes since their formulas are proprietary. So, if you want to avoid being exposed to harmful chemicals, try to avoid anything with the word “parfum” or “fragrance” listed anywhere on their label and buy from manufacturers who actually show what’s in their products.


A lot of people don’t think twice when buying bedding, but they could be a source of dangerous toxins as well. For instance, a lot of bedding will be treated with flame retardants. While this may seem like a good thing at first, flame retardants have been associated with things like endocrine disruption, fertility disorders, ADD, and even lower IQ. So, you can easily see how this could be harmful to young children in development.

The alternative would be to buy organic bedding only. Not only will it be free of dangerous chemicals, but it will also be less prone to triggering allergies and will be gentle on the skin as well. Bedding made from organic cotton is also produced in a more sustainable way and doesn’t require tons of pesticides to be cultivated either, which makes it an even more responsible choice.

Canned Foods

A lot of people rely on canned foods and they’re a staple in pretty much every household. However, they might be more harmful than you think. The issue is not with the food, but the cans themselves.

Many cans are lined with a compound known as Bisphenol-A, or BPA for short. These types of plastics have been shown to have serious repercussions on hormonal balance and have even been shown to mimic oestrogen in the body. Studies have also shown that BPA could affect the reproductive system and brain development in foetuses and young children. As a matter of fact, one study found that people who consumed canned soup more than five times had an astonishing 1,200% rise in their BPA levels.

If you want to avoid BPA, try to look for products that clearly state that there is no BPA in their packaging. Also, try to limit your consumption of canned foods and try to buy goods packaged in glass containers instead.


As you can see, nowhere is safe from toxins and you have to be vigilant if you want to reduce your exposure to them. Make sure that you look out for the toxins we exposed in this article and work towards building a better and cleaner home environment for you and your children.

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