Wine tasting parties bring the perfect bonding time with your friends, not to mention the fun and experience. But what more to make a wine tasting party fun than to play a game while at it? Games keep every guest entertained, active, and a guarantee that everyone will have their best laugh. Wine tasting parties provide the perfect opportunity to crack open some bottles of your favorite wines. Plus, you get to enjoy them alongside each other thanks to the wine subscription club for mummies that offers such experiences. Check out game ideas for wine tasting parties that will leave your guests with endless laughs.

Wine bingo

Wine bingo helps you discover who among you have a discerning taste in wines. To play this game, design a bingo card and place each type of wine, for instance, Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, or any other variety, in each square. Then, do a blind tasting and let each one place a token on the square that they think matches the wine sample.  For anyone who gets a bingo, confirm if their tastes are on point and have a reward for the winner. The reward could be a wine bottle to take home.

Describe this wine

To make wine descriptions fun, integrate a fun game into it by eliminating the flowery words people use to describe wine tastes. When someone tastes the wine, ask them to describe it in a fun way by including some silly prompts. For example, use a word that begins with F to describe this wine, or if this wine type was a celebrity, who would it be? Such a fun game will bring out the suspense as you wait for the answer and result in endless laughs.

House rules for a home party

If you are enjoying a wine tasting party in your home, you can make the wine tasting fun by improvising some house rules as a game. Gather up and create some rules to spice up the party. For instance, ‘if you say the word sweet in your description, you are out’ or, ‘if you sip the wine with your right hand, you are out.’ The exiles can walk over to the dining table and sip as the others go on with the game. See who is still left in the game and gather up again for another bottle tasting.

Alcohol-themed categories

Another fun game for wine tasting is categories. It is easy to learn and exciting. One person chooses a category of alcohol, for instance, red wines, vodka brands, rum cocktails, dry wines, etc. Then the others go round in suggesting something that belongs to that category. If one repeats an item or hesitates, there is a consequence. Using alcohol-themed categories gives the party a boozy excitement.

Price game

Many wine lovers claim that they can tell cheap and expensive wine only from the taste. Well, you can make that a game at a wine tasting party. Give everyone a piece of paper and pen, serve them two disguised bottles of wine at different price points, and have them guess the price of each. Then see who gets it right, and the game continues.

The final words

You can integrate so many games into your wine tasting party to spice it up with some fun. From wine trivia, wine facts to description games. As wine lovers have bottles of wine as rewards. The party will be engaging, memorable, and leave everyone with endless laughter.

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