Bringing your own little bundle of joy into the world will completely change your life. However, it is not uncommon for moms-to-be to feel unprepared and scared seeing as how we often don’t receive enough education on this topic. Worry not! There are now many resources that soon-to-be moms can turn to, from useful books on pregnancy to various classes that teach us about the delivery and taking care of a baby. But, unfortunately, many things about being pregnant go unsaid so here are some that I wish people told me earlier.

People will always have opinions on things that don’t concern them

Even though they have no right to, people will always have the need to state their opinion about how you look, what you are wearing, what you need to be eating, and so on. You might have to get used to complete strangers talking about your body and giving you advice on how what you are doing is not good for the baby. Plus, everyone feels like they can touch your belly without asking for permission. Try to set boundaries early on if you don’t feel comfortable with such actions. Keep in mind that people might ignore the fact that you’re pregnant and not offer you a seat or let you go to the front of the line; don’t be shy, ask and tell them what’s on your mind as. otherwise, some of them will not move. Not all is bad, though – you will get some useful advice on occasion and people will tell you that you are beautiful and glowing.

Expecting moms are not the only ones whose mental health is affected

We often hear about pre-, peri- and postnatal depression and anxiety among new moms and it is something that you might go through as well. During that time, you’ll probably be relying on your partner; however, it’s important to note that moms-to-be are not the only ones whose mental health can be affected. The truth is that dads also experience pregnancy blues and that is something that we don’t talk about enough. From financial issues to worrying about the wellbeing of the mom and the baby, many factors can lead to anxiety and depression. Luckily, there are resources and support groups men can turn to if they start noticing symptoms.

Morning sickness is not only a morning occurrence

Why do we call it morning sickness, when some women experience it during the entire day? Unfortunately, you never know how much you will be affected by nausea. Some women barely feel sick while others feel awful for months. For some people, it only lasts during the first trimester; for others, it can be six months or even during the entire pregnancy. It sounds bad but it will all be worth it in the end.

It’s not always eating for two

You always hear how pregnant women are eating for two but, with some people, it’s completely the opposite. It’s not uncommon to lose your appetite and barely eat anything during the first trimester. You might not feel like eating your favorite foods and you will have to force yourself to eat and drink nutritional supplements to keep your baby healthy. Perhaps you will be super hungry postpartum – that is also something women experience.

Your body will go through some unexpected changes

Sure, we all expect weight gain but there are other changes that people don’t often talk about. For example, you might not gain weight as fast as you expect, especially if you don’t gain weight in your stomach area easily. Then, did you know that your feet might grow during pregnancy and stay that way forever? Your ribs will also expand and change their shape. Furthermore, pregnancy can also change the color of your hair and the pigment in your skin, so you might become a blond or start seeing more freckles.

The delivery can be challenging

Not to scare you but as much as you prepare for the delivery, you never know how it’s actually going to go. Your classes will provide you with many scenarios but every birth is different. For example, while it might be hard to not panic if you hear that you need an emergency C-section, you need to trust that the doctors know what they are doing and stay calm for yourself and your baby. Then, be aware of the possibility of pooping yourself during delivery and understand that it’s completely normal. Finally, after giving birth, your insides will need some time to get back to normal and bleeding might occur for the next thirty days or so. It’s all part of the process.

It’s important to remember that no two pregnancies are the same so there’s always a chance of you having completely unique symptoms. What is more, your second pregnancy might be totally different from the first one. If you’re feeling worried, consult your physician but keep in mind that you will be going through a lot of changes and that is normal.

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