If you have a child who is about to graduate from high school, read the rest of this short post and we’ll let you know some of the best gift ideas to consider. These presents are sure to be special and memorable for anyone who is about to step into a whole new world at college.

Personalized Bag

This is one gift that perfectly combines both form and function. It can be a style statement while also being a practical college essential. Personalize the bag with a monogrammed name or initials. If you are looking for some personalized bags, one of the best options worth checking out is Shutterfly.com.

Canvas Prints

If your child is moving out to pursue a college education after the high school graduation, canvas prints will be great gifts. They can be a good decorative piece in his or her own place. Even better, it can remind your child of home. You can have it printed with family photos or an inspirational quote. For a good selection of canvas prints and other graduation gift ideas, visit the website of Shutterfly.

Cocktail Making Kit

Let’s accept it – your child is already drinking alcohol. So, why not give a fun cocktail making kit as a graduation gift? Often, it includes the cocktail maker itself and a small liquor and the main ingredients that will be needed for making a special concoction.


College can be demanding. There are tons of school works that need to be completed. With this, a laptop will be an essential gear to have. The best college laptops are designed for performance while being lightweight and portable. It can be used not only for school but also for entertainment.


This will make another good high school graduation gift idea if your child is about to live away from home for the first time as college starts. The cookbook will be a valuable tool in preparing easy and delicious meals in a dorm or apartment.


If your child loves coffee, a coffeemaker will be another excellent idea to consider for a high school graduation gift. It will also be great for those who are moving out of the home and leaving in a dorm. It is a good way to save money compared to buying a drink from an overpriced coffee shop.


Perhaps, this is the best gift that you can give to your child for high school graduation. Especially for those who decide to take a gap year, a holiday abroad will be a good gift idea, which will give your child a broader perspective of the world and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Some of the best destinations for high school graduates embarking on a gap year include New Zealand, India, Peru, South Africa, Australia, and Thailand.

With the gift ideas mentioned above, it should be now easier for you to shop for the perfect graduation present for your child. It does not need to be expensive to be special!

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