Making a move with your family when you have young kids is always going to present challenges, even if the whole family is excited and looking forward to their big adventure. Now, when that move doesn’t just entail moving to a new neighborhood, city or town, rather it is an international move, suddenly the experience takes on a whole new feel. Stress, anxiety, fear, and apprehension are all very common for young kids to feel during the process. This is exactly why parents will want to be sensitive to their child’s needs throughout the move and immediately following.

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In order to make things as smooth as possible, here are some tips that parents can use that will help kids adjust and settle in after a big international move.

Get Them Registered in School as Soon as Possible

One of the biggest fears surrounding an international move is the fear of the unknown. Kids are scared of what they don’t know, so when it comes to school, the faster you can get them registered, the sooner you can start talking to them about the school they will be attending.

There are also schools that are meant for international students, which are the ideal option. Take for example Apple Tree Kindergarten which is an international kindergarten Bangkok, Thailand. The registration process includes a school tour so that kids can familiarize themselves with the environment, the teachers, and the other children. This can help make the transition to a new school much smoother and even exciting for them.

Try to Focus on the Positives

Just like with every situation, there will be positives and negatives in a big international move. Unfortunately, kids often end up focusing on the negatives, which can then lead to the stress and anxiety they are feeling. Try to steer their line of thinking away from those possible negatives and re-direct them to the positive aspects of moving. This can be things like learning a new language, checking out new sites and attractions, making fun new friends, and learning about a different country.

You want to keep the move as light as possible and present it to them as a big adventure that the family will be going on together. Emphasize the fact they won’t be alone, as you are all doing this as a family.

Pick Up Some Child-Appropriate Books on Moving and Read Them Together

Most young kids love listening to books, so why not take that and use it to your advantage? You can find a huge variety of children’s books about moving and they can be a great way to help explain the process, open up the door to discussing feelings, and helping to take away any fear.

Spend Some Time Acting as Tourists When You First Arrive

The final tip is to spend some time acting as tourists when you first arrive in your new home. Sure, it’s important to settle in and get into a regular routine, but it’s also important to explore and get to know the town/city that you will be living in. This is a fun and interesting activity for the kids especially.

There is no doubt that an international move is a big deal, and for young kids it can be very scary. These tips will help to make things as smooth as possible.

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