When the age of the child is from 2 to 7 years old, it is very important for them to grow up at the right environment. We know that the basic values of his or her life will be loaded into him or her at this point of their life. Hence, how much busy you are, always have an eye on your child even when he is in daycares or spending his time in the pre-schools. For that you need to use proper tools that will help you to supervise his or her activities while at school and you are away to your office.

If the relationship between the teacher and the parent is cordial and transparent, it creates a positive environment to the child. There is a wonderful app in the market which can help you to solve these problems quite easily. The name of the app is Remini and it can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store. If you read the Remini app review on tgdaily, you can get to know many important features of this immense useful app.

The app enables to capture many important developments in your child’s life right from an early age. The teacher in the pre-school can capture his or her memories via image or video and can upload that in the common platform of this app named Reimi. Nowadays it has become very much risky to share your child’s photo on social media platforms. But here there is an option of securing the image of your child and the access of who is going to see the picture and write comment on it depends entirely on the parent or the teacher.

The educators in the school can also communicate quickly and safely with the parents of the children quite safely via this app. She can send images of the progress of the child, and also the interaction and achievements and any other notable steps which she feels might have to be worth mentioning to the parent of the child.

The teacher can use it in further ways. If she is planning to organize a tour event for the class students, she can announce the details of the trip in the platform of the app. Parents can know about the place, rate per person and other necessary details from the platform of this app.

The teacher can also share any academic assignment which she wants to assign to the class or to any particular student. Accordingly, she can either announce in the public forum or to that particular student whom she wants to assign.

Thus Remini helps to create a separate platform from other than the social media platforms where you can bring up a record of the childhood memories of the child. Started in 2013, the user’s base of Remini has touched 12,000 mark and they prefer to grow slow and steady. Instead of growing at a fast rate, the company is more interested in keeping the user base, photos of the children in a safe custody.

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